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We are with you in the most valuable areas of Istanbul with our young and experienced staff in real estate.



We value sharing, honesty, trust, respect and unconditional customer satisfaction, professional service understanding ...

With its dynamic and experienced staff in the real estate sector MB INVEST has been providing real estate consultancy services in the most valuable regions of Istanbul for more than 10 years.

In our office, you will receive service from our employees who have all kinds of education and knowledge about financial, legal and technical issues, who do their job professionally, who regard honesty as the first principle, who are measured and respectful in human relations, whose appearance is contemporary, and you will encounter examples of the western high-level real estate consultancy service.

MB İNVEST Real Estate by taking its place in every platform, continues its active marketing and consultancy services at the highest level .

For your personal and corporate real estate consultancy needs, contact us to easily access the best options tailored to you and get the best service.

Secure Information

You can get information about Real Estate Investment from anywhere, but you can get the expert opinions you need only from the right place.


While making your Real Estate Investment decisions, you can forward all your questions about the markets to our investment consultancy experts and get advice.


Our way of working is to provide sustainable service to our customers by providing real estate investment consultancy services based on mutual trust.

Ratios of Our Portfolio

MB INVEST, which set out to provide support in real estate fields, instead of carrying out the business under the name of branded real estate offices, it is based on the understanding of providing privileged service to the individual with its organizational structure working like the team of the company and the people it works with.

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Our main services

Real Estate Consulting

Take advantage of making the real estate is ready for marketing, preparing written and visual marketing proposals and our sales and marketing services.

Construction Projects

with years of experience in turnkey construction, MB Invest offers quality and reliable service in accordance with international standards, technological equipment and professional staff.

Urban transformation

By taking advantage of the Urban Transformation Law it is sufficient to apply to MB INVEST in order to renew your old, non earthquake-resistant house, workplace or strengthen your building against earthquake.


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Questions To Ask Before Making a Real Estate Investment:

Before you buy your property, you have made a detailed market review. You have clarified all kinds of issues in your mind, from the type of real estate you will invest to, to which region you will invest in. Successful real estate investment means not only finding a real estate that can make a good premium, but also is finding a real estate with legally no problems. After making a real estate investment decision, you may have some hesitates in your mind about how to make this investment in the safest way. First, you should consider the following questions:

Situations preventing purchasing

Are there potential problems such as mortgage, declaration, annotation in the title deed of the real estate you are considering to purchase?

Municipal inspections reviews

Has the real estate file been inspected in the municipality where the real estate you plan to purchase is affiliated?

Project details

Is it compatible with the architectural project's location, size, floor, location on the floor and project?

Criminal and illegal housing

Licenses, settlement documents,zoning conditions or if any, demolition decisions, minutes, court documents, zoning cancellations, penalties, etc. Do you have information about Is there any illegal construction?

Correct price analysis

More importantly, are you purchasing this real estate at market value?


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